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You ask yourself if u're damn hot? We're sorry, but u're not.

модератор: [eliminated]
название - faeton
идея - [eliminated]

The Ten Commandments: Brought to you by [eliminated]

Yes, there are rules in this community. And we strongly suggest you read them before entering, because breaking any one of them will result in being banned.

1. First and foremost, once you join the community you must post your pictures immediately. Fair judging requires that you post at least one clear face shot. (Body shots will not only get you voted out, but will probably get you ridiculed). We judge beauty mostly depending on your face. Boobs and ass are subject to all kinds of negative remarks. Post them at your own discretion.

2. Posting pictures:
When posting your pictures, remember that if they are too large, or there are too many, use an lj cut. Nobody wants to see your mug all over their screen. Especially if it's not a pretty sight. Do not post links to your pictures. (or bad links, at that). We do not clicky the linky, so post your picture, or your post will be immediately deleted, without warning. Also, user pics are not authorized as proper judgement material. Whoever would say that someone's 100x100 pixel image is hot, does not exist in this community, so you're wasting your time.

3. Once your pictures have been posted, you must wait to get one of two stamps, before you can comment on anybody's post other than your own. If and when you get the "accepted" stamp, you are then allowed to take place in the voting of other posts as well. But only when you recieve the "accepted" stamp If you recieve the "rejected" stamp, you will then take your place amongst the long list of members that have been banned from this community. Don't take it personal. A hell of a lot more people get banned from here, than get accepted. Only memebers who get accepted are allowed to comment to other people's posts. If you got voted all yes's, and are still awaiting your stamp.. do not comment. It will get you banned. Warning time is over. Everybody is aware of this rule, and they choose not to follow it. You will be banned for commenting without a stamp. Deal with it.

4. Disclaimer:
We are not racist or prejudiced against alternative style. You will get a fair vote on your face, whether you're a male or a female. However voting is based solely on outside beauty and does not, in any way include our opinions on you as a person. We know you have inner beauty. Everyone does. But that's not what we're here for. And we don't apoligize for it. Voting can be pretty brutal, so if you can not take being ridiculed or insulted, this is not the community for you. You came here for our opinions, and that's exactly what you're going to get, minus the sugarcoating that your friends give you. We are not your friends. We will not hold back.

5. Shitty pictures are no excuse for getting voted out. If you thought you looked like ass in you picture, then you should have known better than to post it. We suggest you post your best pictures and make no excuses for yourself. There are no second chances to post. Once you've posted, and get voted on, that is the final decision. There is no such thing as "Can I make another post? I didn't get a fair vote." The answer is no. You can not repost.

6. If and when you get banned, please, please do not come back to bitch. You were aware of what would happen should you get voted out of the community. It is not our problem that you fully expected to get your ego fed, and were shot down instead. Take you rejection stamp and simply move on. There are spin off communities that will cater to your rantings, however we will not.

7. Trolling:
Trolling will most definitely result in getting you banned. The members of this community have become good at weeding out fake accounts and stolen pictures. So our suggestion to you is that if you do not want to look ten times stupider than you did when you got banned for being ugly, then perhaps you should just stay gone. Because we tend to pick on trolls a bit more brutally.

Also, the "You guys are superficial cunts for the following reasons..." posts will be deleted and the author will be banned. We do not sympathize with the likes of overemotional people. We are fully aware that we are vain and superficial. Have you not seen the name of this community? The only people that would possibly salute your posts would be the trolls that lurk, and they too will get banned. The only thing you will have succeeded in doing is getting yourself and the people like you banned.

8. This is the internet, in case you are not aware. If you take this community to be anything other than a joke, you don't belong here. We make jokes, we laugh, and we have fun. There is nothing serious that takes place here. If you can not handle the contents of this community, you are more than welcomed to pack up your stamp and leave. It's simple.

9. There is community that we highly recommend, brought to you by [eliminated]. ban_set_from_pp, created by [eliminated] is a community that has complied a list of all the people that have been accepted or rejected. It's for reference purpose, just in case you ever have any questions about any one in the community. The moderators from this community will update it on a daily basis. Other members are allowed to comment, but not post.

10. Just have fun, fuckers.

Thinking of trolling? Read this first.

banned/accepted members - ban_set_from_pp

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